Efrat Gal and Guy Königstein

18.12.2014 - 16.01.2015



A joint project by artists Efrat Gal and Guy Königstein.

Efrat Gal, Alfred member, an artist and a curator.

Guy Königstein, an artist and a baker.

The two met several years ago at the queue to the Anne Frank House museum in Amsterdam and have been plotting to set up their own museum.

The exhibition presents a series of paintings titled "The Defense Museum" (from the "Zionist Archive”), along with interactive memorial monuments of the 'Association for Flexible Memorialization'.

Layer upon layer (upon layer). Symbol and another symbol (and another symbol). Password behind a password (behind a password).

Blurring or emphasis.

Impressions or drawings.

An open question or a multiple choice question.

Propaganda or an invitation.

Heroism or irresponsibility.

Blood or ink.

(Only) one way or another.

On Saturday, December 27, 6:00 PM, a naming holiday ceremony will be held at the gallery as a part of the "Ohavim Omanut" events of the Tel Aviv municipality.