Alfred Cooperative Institute for Art & Culture

Alfred – A Cooperative Institute for Art & Culture is an alternative art space – home to an active and vibrant artist community aimed at introducing contemporary Israeli art and its young creators to art lovers in the local community. The Alfred Institute is the successor of Alfred Gallery, a pioneer in the sphere of cooperative artistic ventures, whose work became a model for numerous cooperative art galleries in Israel. After 8 years of successful work in south Tel-Aviv, Alfred Institute was established in 2014, as a space devoted entirely to promoting and supporting young Israeli art.

This year we are celebrating our 13th anniversary.

Since 2005 we have produced over 200 exhibitions, provided the opportunity for hundreds of young artists to show their works, and hosted thousands of visitors and art lovers at our exhibitions.


Opening hours: Wednesday - Thursday: 17:00 - 21:00 / Friday: 10:00 - 14:00 / Saturday: 11.00 - 15.00

Address: Simtat Shlush 5, Neve Tsedek, 6608030 Tel Aviv-Yafo /

About the Cooperative

Alfred is a Non-Profit Organization whose purpose is to promote young artists and give them support and exposure. For the past decade Alfred Gallery and Alfred Institute work side by side as a Non-Profit Organization charging zero commission on sales, and thus transferring 100% of the revenue directly to the artists.

Alfred Members consist of 12 prominent Israeli artists and curators, whom for the past 12 years have devoted their time, effort, skills and talent to promote young Israeli art, through Alfred Institute. The group functions as a cooperative of artists in which all decision-making is shared. Alfred Members are bound by financial obligations, requiring all members to pay a monthly membership fee, in addition to contributing 10 weekly hours of volunteer work at the institute.


Our Activities

Art Gallery – The core of the institute is Alfred Gallery for contemporary art, which showcases a new exhibition each month, focused on young promising artists. Over the past 12 years, hundreds of artists have showcased their work in over 200 exhibitions. Applications are open to the public and reviewed periodically by a special committee.

Artist Studios - Alfred institute has 14 work spaces occupied by 22 artists from various fields. Visitors of the gallery are always welcome to take a tour in the building and visit our artists while they work.

Lectures – The institute hosts open lectures on diverse topics related to art, culture, philosophy, society and more.

Workshops – Alfred members view art education as an inseparable part of their activity and encourage the public to take part in exclusive art classes and creative writing courses for beginners and experienced artists.

Art consultation – Derived from their own experience, Alfred members share their knowledge on a range of topics such as cooperative activism, art education, personal promotion, technical solutions and curating.

Art and culture events – A variety of events are offered, including book publications, municipal events and other unique artistic happenings. 

Active yard - Alfred's beautiful back yard is also available as a place for social gatherings and artistic events.

Activities for children - Art workshops take place during the summer months.

Showroom for meetings – A room dedicated for artists and curators to present their work in a professional atmosphere is available on request.

Future projects

Although the Alfred institute achieved financial stability under its current activity, Alfred members wish to accelerate current activities and branch out to new horizons.

Here are some of the future projects:

  • Artist Scholarships - which enable the execution of unique artistic projects in our space

  • International curators research residency program

  • Production of a yearly catalog

  • Improving of the Alfred Gallery exhibition space

  • Developing of the Alfred Institute’s educational work

  • Offspring Program - a yearly structured program for young artists who will receive professional consultancy, a working space, and a final exhibition.

  • Creating Alfred Café – a coffee shop and lounge for meetings and recreation

  • Developing our back yard and roof

  • Digital project - establishing an internet portal to concentrate all our activity, and to become a platform for connecting artists and creators.

  • Developing new income branches - improving physical facilities in order to create new income channels and be able to sustain ourselves independently.