Alfred & Co. 2015

Alfred Gallery is celebrating its 10th anniversary With a sales exhibition consisting of over 100 artists

10.12.2015 - 19.12.2015


An exhibition titled Alfred & Co. 2015, will be opened in a festive event. The exhibition consists of art works produced by over 100 artists, both well-known and established artists, as well as younger artists. The exhibition will feature works in a wide range of sizes and prices.


The profits from the exhibition will be divided between the gallery and the artists, and will enable the organization to continue its activity as a Cooperative Institute.
In the exhibition there will also be a box of surprises: compact art work sent to Alfred Gallery by artists from various countries - also known as Mail Art. The works will be on sale at a nominal price of 20 shekels, will remain sealed in their original packaging and could only be opened upon purchase.

Among the artists participating in the sales exhibition: Michal Ne’eman, Ido Bar El, Philip Rantzer, Asad Azi, Ruth Schloss, Ido Shemi, Uri Gershuni, Rakefet Viner Omer, Galia Pasternak, Vered Aharonovitz, Klone, Foma and many others.

At the opening event artist studio spaces will be open to the public.