Two Moons

Nadav Reboh / Pollyanna Or / Itzik Mor / Natalie Feldesman

02.05.2019 - 25.05.2019


Two Moons

In this exhibition, the artists invite the human race to challenge its perception of reality by reexamining the conventions and thinking about foreignness, the place and future of humanity in the universe.

This action is based on scientific, pseudo-scientific and various conspiracy theories, which claim to the existence of foreign entities in faraway galaxies, and which claim that these entities have contacted earth.

The artists will go on a number of expeditions, to various sites, which they found may be of interest to these foreign civilizations. There they will hold ceremonies and invite the foreigners to come to earth. The gallery space will display the evidence from the ceremonies that took place.

Natalie Feldesman filmed the ceremonies and has created a video using archive videos, text and animation. As well as a large scale relief inside a geodesic dome she will build in the exhibition space.

Itzik Mor collected physical samples from the site, with which he has created sculptures and objects, which thereafter he photographed in his studio. The photos are enlarged to a giant scale, in which they loose their original proportions and become new physical landscapes.

Pollyanna Or took photos and has collected specimens from the ceremonial sites which she interpreted to endless abstract color fields using drawing, painting and digital means of production. Together with Nadav Reboh, they will create a kinetic sculpture.

During the exhibition various artistic events will take place: a space poetry reading (Oded Carmeli and Jeremy Fogel, ‘Hava Lehava magazine’), a live electronic music show (Naduve - Nadav Reboh) and an Alien Ceremony.

Nadav Reboh, born 1984, Israel, lives in Tel Aviv. BA of philosophy from Tel Aviv University and graduate of electronic music production from the ‘Muzik’ academy. Producer and electronic music composer for clubs, dance and art under the stage name Naduve.

Pollyanna Or, born 1987, USSR, lives in Tel Aviv. BFA, The excellence program from HaMidrasha Faculty of the Arts. Award winner of the BIT and Tel Aviv Municipality studio scholarship ‘Gabirol’ in 2015. Engages in various mediums: photography, sculpture, video, textile, drawing and their combinations. Works as an art teacher as well as in the art department in film and television productions.

Itzik Mor, born 1981, Israel, lives in Tel Aviv. Studied photography at Hadassa College. Award winner of the BIT and Tel Aviv Municipality studio scholarship ‘Gabirol’ in 2015, as well as the ‘Pic Stipendum’ grant in Germany, 2011. Works in Photography using analogue and darkroom techniques.  

Natalie Feldesman, born 1985, USA, lives in Tel Aviv. BFA from the Screen Based Art Department, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, 2014. Award winner of the BIT and Tel Aviv Municipality studio scholarship ‘Gabirol’ in 2015. Multidisciplinary artist, creates site specific installations and video art. Works as an art teacher as well as in video design for music and theatre shows.


Burn the Bridges Down

Two Moons is the third exhibition in the annual theme of 2019, which is dedicated to exhibitions relating to the concept Burn Your Bridges Down.

The word Bridge describes an architectural functional structure that connects two places, and is commonly used as a metaphor. The command Burn your bridges is used as a strategic plan in situations of siege or persecution.

Bridges symbolize physical and mental territories, changes and transitions between periods and interpersonal relationships. We are accustomed to thinking that the path to growth and progress must be based on creating continuity and bridging gaps. Sometimes, however, the only way to move on, to reinvent ourselves, to rise up like a phoenix from the painful memories, is to sever the relationship irreversibly. To burn the bridges so that we can no longer go back, in order to prevent demons from the past from continuing to persecute us.

In the 2019 exhibition we will examine the concept of burn your bridges down from a variety of aspects: personal, intimate, political, historical, gender and social.