The Fountain

Vered Aharonovitch

Curator: Daria Kaufmann

A sculptural installation launch at Alfred Gallery's yard

17.07.2014 - 30.04.2015



On Thursday, July 17th, Alfred, A Cooperative Institute for Arts and Culture, will launch a sculptural installation titled The Fountain, by artist Vered Aharonovitch.

Vered Aharonovitch, an interdisciplinary artist engaged in sculpture, drawing and prints, is among the founders of the Cooperative Gallery Hanina, Tel Aviv.

During the last several years Aharonovitch is sculpting figures which express a broad spectrum of difficult emotional states using fantasy and humor.

The fountain project, which Aharonovitch worked on during the last 2 years, is a water flowing large scaled sculptural installation. The installation brings to a climax the ongoing preoccupation with gender related power relations, mental and psychological processes, power relations in society, and the delicate dialect between revenge and reconciliation.

Like the baroque fountains decorating the capitals of Europe, the installation depicts a victorious celebration scene: that of girls upon the only male character in the scene, Poseidon. The all-powerful sea god lays with his face to the ground and his breech exposed. Poseidon's traditional mythological attribute – the trident – is held up high triumphantly by a girl treading on his body.

The installation is executed with the support of the Rabinovich Foundation.

Tiny sculptures inspired by the fountain will be offered for sale in the opening event.