My Soul Cleaveth Unto Thee

Tamar Latzman

Curator: Udi Edelman

09.07.2015 - 31.07.2015


On Thursday, July 9, 2015, Alfred – A Cooperative Institute for Arts and Culture, will open a solo exhibition featuring the works of Tamar Latzman.

The exhibition will present video art and photograms, as well as images and materials from the artist’s research.

The exhibition engages with the Jewish character and its frantic attitude towards Europe. Latzman produces photograms from the plant Tradescantia, also known as Wandering Jew, and echoes the image of the Jew as a research question within a biotope. In the video works, the plant comes to life and turns from an object of scientific examination into an unidentifiable or an unpredictable object. It turns from a persecuted into a persecutor, from an object of inquiry into an inquirer. The music is adopted from the movie "Dybbuk" and indicates the way in which the relation of persecuted-persecutor replicates itself within all. What began as Latzman's journey to clarify the place of the Jew, diverges and turns into an obsession as she follows Henech Kon, the composer of the movie "Dybbuk". What began as a pseudo-scientific study of the Jew, becomes the artist's obsession with creating a body of work and the reflection of that which cannot be studied.

The project was supported by the Polish Institute.

Tamar Latzman is a photographer and a video artist. She received her MFA from S.V.A, New York (2010) and is the 2012 recipient of the Shpilman Institute for Photography Grant. She exhibits in Israel and abroad.