It was in the bag with the spices, that is the only clue.

Gali Timen

Curatorial guidance: Revital Malka and Yael Goldberg

Solo Exhibition at the Staircase

07.05.2015 - 06.06.2015



Gali Timen's solo exhibition will turn the stairwell of Alfred Institute's building to an exhibition space. The exhibition will display objects, some visible and some will be disguised and hidden in cracks of the walls.

The objects invite the viewers to track and try to solve a mystery which begins with a mysterious phone call, which takes place in central London on a crowded bus.

The viewers follow the clues planted by the artist, hoping to crack the mystery behind the phone call from a mysterious man, whose opening sentence was "It was in the bag of the spices, that is the only clue".

Timen exhibits a mysterious scene, a series of clues, putting the viewer in the role of Sherlock Holmes.

Gali Timen is an artist and a curator, a graduate of Camera Obscura, and received her M.A. from Saint Martin in central London.