Girl Town

A group exhibition at Alfred Institute's staircase

85 exhibiting photographers

Curated by the Shutter Hub organisation (UK)

08.02.2018 - 10.03.2018



Celebrating the Culture of the Female in the 21st Century

A group photography exhibition, curated by the Shutter Hub organization (England). The exhibition will feature works of 85 photographers, male and female, from around the world that will share their interpretation of what it means to be female today, in a time of constant socio-political and economic change. Within the photographers are also Shutter Hub members. 

The exhibition was curated through an open call on Instagram that served as a submission platform.

The subjects themselves range from working-from-home mothers to computer programmers, soccer players, construction workers and vulnerable women on their journeys through eating disorders and cancer, including women of all faiths, ethnicities, and ages.

Originally shown at Photomonth East London International Photography Festival, the exhibition was hugely popular and very well received by thousands of viewers.

Shutter Hub is a UK-based photography organization providing opportunities, support and networking for creative photographers worldwide. The organization has around 1000 members and is regularly invited to partner with major organizations worldwide.