Alfred XL - The Cooperative Institute Launch

Group Sales Exhibition

30.01.2014 - 28.02.2014



Alfred Gallery is expanding its operations and launching the first Cooperative Institute in Israel:

Alfred Cooperative Institute for Arts and Culture

The institute will operate in a building located in Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv. The amount needed to renovate the building, approximately 60,000 NIS, was raised through a headstart campaign.

The new cooperative institute will include a large gallery space, studios for artists at accessible prices, a space for lectures and workshops, and more.

In the opening event there will be an exhibition which will consist of over 100 artists:

Alfred XL

And a catalog covering 8 years of operation will be launched:

Alfred 2013-2005

Opening Event: Thursday, January 30, 2014 at 20:00

Closing: February 28, 2014

Address: 5 Simtat shlush, Tel Aviv


After eight years of successful operations as a Cooperative Gallery which promotes young artists, Alfred Gallery is expanding its operations and is launching a collaborative Institute of Art and Culture.

As a registered non-profit organization, the gallery's main objective is to promote young artists by supporting them and by exposing their art work. So far most of the organization's activity was exhibiting guest artists in the gallery. When an artist sells a work displayed in the gallery, he or she is entitled to the full amount, without having to provide a fee to the gallery itself.  With a leap of faith we took on renting of an entire building in Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv, in order to found the first Israeli Cooperative Institute for Arts and Culture. Alfred - Cooperative Institute for Art & Culture will be a place of community for artists and art and culture consumers, who will enjoy a whole array of facilities, services and activities such as:


- A Gallery Space – an exhibition space measured 60 m²

- Artist Studios - studio spaces at an accessible and an affordable price

- Lectures – public lectures about art, culture and society

- Workshops - workshops in various art disciplines for beginners and for active artists

- Showroom For Meetings – A room dedicated for artists and curators to present their work professionally

- Lounge and Library - an area for meetings and recreation and more!


Alfred - Cooperative Institute for Art and Culture is a 3.5 -story building in Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv. Originally the building served as a printing house for "Kol Ha'Am" the Communist Party newspaper active in the fifties.


Opening exhibition

In a festive opening event there will be an exhibition titled Alfred XL, which will consist of works of art produced by over 100 artists, both well-known and established artists, as well as younger artists. The exhibition will feature works in a wide range of sizes and prices.

The profits from the exhibition will be divided between the gallery and the artists, and will enable the organization to continue its operations as a new Cooperative Institute.

In addition, in the opening event a catalog will be launched which covers 8 years of the gallery's activities. The catalog will encompass all the exhibitions in Alfred Gallery since its very beginning in 2005 until today.

The artists participating in the exhibition will offer their work for sale at a discount.

Among the artists participating in the exhibition: Raffi Lavie, Larry Abramson, Marik Lechner, Asad Azi, Ruth Schloss, Michal Heiman, Deganit Berst, Ronit Shani, Anat Betzer , Assi Meshullam , and younger artists such as Illit Azoulay, Iddo Shemi, Ami Faytchevitz,  Alma Shneor , Shai Silberman , know hope , klone , Ron Amir and many others.