Efrat was born in 1979 in Jerusalem and is one of the founders and an active member of the Alfred Gallery. 

She is an artist and curator she was the manager of the Rawart Gallery and the manager of the ST-art collection by Serge Tiroche. Today she is an art teacher in high school.  

She studied a bachelor at the "Hamidrasha", Art school, "Beit Berl" institute and holds an MA in Fine Arts from the HKU, Utrecht, The Netherlands. In 2008, she studied curating at the center for contemporary art in Tel Aviv. 

In her works, Efrat is examining the different components that are structuring a national identity: histories, traditions, myths, mythical figures, perceptions and emotional baggage that were taught deliberately or influenced in an unconsciousness way, through the education system, through the media or through the family in the domestic environment, some of it, a heritage that was given even before birth. It's an initial research, a process of pulling out items to the surface, examining the visual aspect of the components and trying to penetrate into their conceptual and emotional core.