Adi Levy

Adi was born in Kfar-Saba, Israel in 1977 and currently lives in Berlin. He graduated from "Camera Obscura" Art School, majoring in Digital Media. Later, he co-founded VAZA - a multidisciplinary studio for design and new-media and became an active member & co-founder of ALFRED. 

Adi is an artist, curator and a photographer but he is also a drummer in the Israeli indie Rock band KofSnaE and a percussionist in the Berlin based oriental trios Janawadi and EKMEK. 

The creative process usually starts with a photograph of his living area. At times it is only a window of a neighbor living across the street or a building which holds childhood memories. Much like that same memory, the image goes through a process of reconstruction, distillation and refinement in an attempt to extract the building-blocks of the content, shape and rhythm. The digital work on such analog subjects allows him to convert a personal and local image into a generic, archetypal, iconic and a familiar one; an image which exists in our collective consciousness. 

In his works, Adi plays with Israel’s lack of identity in its building style, the old neighborhoods or the little windows separating like a selective membrane, absently blocking any sunshine or mysteriously imprisoning the shadows with. He loves to photograph portraits of dogs, people, couples, places, rock concerts, etc. His works and installations plays with the elusive border between the public urban sphere and his own private, intimate space and the false security of the domestic territory. He gravitates around the concept of asphyxiation (Intimate Claustrophobia) and the thin line between pleasure of being in risk-free private zone and the threats of the world out there. 

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