Exhibition applications at Alfred


The Alfred Gallery Association is a voluntary organisation, offering a professional gallery space that is not driven by economic interests.             
We call for artists to submit applications for exhibitions that examine and challenge the Israeli art scene on ideological, practical and cultural grounds.

Application instructions

We encourage applications of artists and describe below the application process:

Currently we do not accept new applications as our 2017-2018 schedule is already full.

Concrete applications should be sent neat and clear.

Following the spirit of the gallery, we would prefer cooperations or group exhibitions instead of solo ones.


The gallery also encourages submissions from curators and not only from artists.            
Please do not propose exhibitions already displayed in Tel Aviv.           
The Gallery receives on a daily basis a large number of proposals for exhibitions, and we treat them all seriously and aspire towards professional integrity and honesty. We will definitely get back to you, but sometimes the screening process will take more than two months. We ask for your patience. 

Applications which are not exhibitions, such as music and dance performances, one-time events or collaborations are welcome as long as they take into account the gallery spirit and facilities.

Please send applications to this email: alfredgalleryportfolio@gmail.com

Preference for submission: